Introducing Crap Dad (CD), Grumpy Mum (GM), Big Sis (BS), Little Miss Loud (LML) & Lolly.

BS came home to live with her CD and Evil Step Mum (now known as GM) at the fabulous age of 14! She lives away from home now, but drop0s in from time to time.

The family have had their ups and downs, but have remained solidly and resolutely a modern day, mostly functional, family.

Around 2005 GM and CD decided that they would like to adopt a child or two. 40th birthdays always seem to bring some decision or other on and this one seemed like a good idea!

So .. 18 month old LML came home in Summer 2007, and after a lot of hard work, earnest discussions, help from professionals and love and tenderness, LML became very settled and happy at home. It was the most amazing journey for the mostly functional family, just to get to that point …

which is of course, why they then went on to disrupt this hard won ease, by adopting LML’s younger sister, Lolly (initially Little Sis) in the summer of 2009.

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28 03 2010

Just to say I stumbled across your page and have found it very moving and thought provoking. It has also made me laugh. I thought I’d post a note here rather than on one of your other posts, as I’m enjoying the whole thing. So, if you see my url coming up on your dashboard but no comments, don’t be alarmed. I’m just reading.

30 03 2010

You are most welcome Isobel. We hope you continue to read, enjoy and occasionally be provoked!

31 03 2010

Do feel free to visit my page too.

3 05 2010

Just for clarification, is Big Sis CD’s daughter?

5 05 2010

Yes Isobel, she is. GM was previously know as ESM = Evil Step-Mother!

15 05 2010


1 09 2010
Lauren Robson

Hi, I love reading your blog knowing that there are others who are going through the same stuff we are is great. We have a birth child (9) and adopted our lovely N in 2006 (now 4). Last Nov we adopted our daughter A (now 2) and little N (18 months).

There have been many tears – from us and them, but we finally feel that we are becoming family.

We too just had the conversation of could we do one more (BM has had another, 3 in 2 years!) but decided no. We are living at the moment with the guilt of seperating them from there brother but believe we have done the right thing. Parenting and guilt – hand in hand!

Thanks for writing your blog, I’ll be dropping by regularly x

1 09 2010

Hi Lauren, thank you for dropping by and letting us know that you are reading. Very much appreciated.

Have I read that right – that you now have FOUR kids, three of them under 5? WOW. you must have a lot of energy!

Hope all continues to go well for you and yours.


8 09 2010
Lauren Robson

Yes three under five! Number two is about to go full time and I feel as though I will have an easy life with the little two! Well, it keeps me out of trouble anyway x

4 11 2010

In case you were interested we were in our local paper today for adoption week. This is the link. Still love the blog x


7 11 2010

Thanks for the link pramjuggler, how exciting to be used as a case study! Thanks for reading too. 🙂

2 10 2012

Hi there GM!! I’m busy read you whilst you are busy reading me!! Who knows we might meet in the middle somewhere. Thanks for saying hello and letting me know you are writing as well. It’s great to know other adopters and share stories. Gem xx

11 01 2014

Just wanted to say that I ADORE your writing….

11 01 2014

Thanks izzwizz, that is much appreciated and reciprocated.

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