Life in a box – day 4

11 06 2010

“Big poo?” states LML

“It’s a normal sized poo” reassures CD as he finishes changing her nappy….

“Bird poo?” LML enquires.

“Yes, my love, bird poo” confirms GM…

“Lolly’s poo, me see” requests LML

“You can look at your own poo, but you don’t have a right to see anyone else’s sweety …” explains GM …

“Doggie poo, yuk!”

“It is dirty that people don’t clean it up” confirms CD…


“I think that’s just a seed off the tree” responds GM hesitantly…

“Look…” LML shows a handful of sand crowned with large seagull shit.

“Lovely sweet heart, but daddy doesn’t want any bird poo thank you”

“POO! YUK” and with this LML starts to become distressed.


4 06 2010

“Wow! Leeks.” states LML confidently to GM

“It’s cabbage darling” replies GM “Daddy pickled some cabbage last night.”



“Leeks” states LML rather confidently and with that she tootles off.

A few days later GM looks at the plates of food that she has prepared. ‘There’s something missing’ she thinks and adds a teaspoon of pickled cabbage to each plate.

“Leeks!” exclaims LML “Yummy”

“It’s pickled cabbage, darling.”


“It’s a vegetable like leeks, it’s called cabbage.”

“Ca-bb-age” pronounces LML deliberately.

As she leaves the room to get the drinks she sees LML putting a few strands of the ruby cabbage in her mouth.

“Leeks, yummy” states LML

Super dooper pooper scooper

5 05 2010

The nappiless infant stands in the middle of the room, wailing, expressing anger and frustration. GM picks her up to provide a tummy rub and a love. She picks her up in the usual way one hand to support Lolly’s back, the other under her bottom … GM freezes for a moment and thinks fast as she has delivered into her hand a rather large and solid poop …

“Oh sweetheart” she says, as she moves towards the potty “the big poop was making you cry”.

She deposits the poop into the potty and places the still crying child on top “Look Lolly! What a clever girl! Look LML, Lolly has pooped in the potty!”

Once GM is sure that all pooping is finished the girl’s survey the contents of the potty, LML calling excitedly for daddy.

just one more thing…

7 04 2010

As CD talks to the Homeless Officer who has phoned, GM looks over his shoulder at his notes whilst she comforts the poorly Lolly.

Drinking Problem” she reads, and nods her head.  No surprises there, as Big Sis had already talked to them about that.

CD makes affirmative noises down the phone as GM walks away, talking to Lolly who has calmed down a little and seems ready to be put down again.

GM hears a sigh and looks across the room at CD. As he talks to the Homeless Officer about how his daughter has alienated all her friends and that as far as he knows she really has no-where to stay tonight CD shakes his head.  GM walks across the room to look at the next note that he has written.

Pregnant?” is what she reads, and she feels her stomach flip.  She echos CD’s sigh, and rubs her temples.


Later Big Sis sits in their living room and CD tries to go through big Sis’s options with her. Big Sis has been given advice by the Local Authority homelessness team, but has been told that currently she is not in priority need, so they will not provide temporary or emergency accommodation.

The Mostly Functional Parents have agreed that they will pay for Bed & Breakfast accommodation for Big Sis for a couple of nights whilst she tries to secure something that is longer term.

“What about the question of whether you are pregnant?” asks GM, “Is that a real possibility, or were you just hoping it would help with the homeless assessment?”

Big Sis glances at GM and shrugs “I could be” she says, “I might be”.  GM waits for her to say more but she doesn’t.

“If you are we need to find out, as you’ll have a right to temporary accommodation straight away,” says GM.  Big Sis is looking at the TV, and GM cannot fathom what she might be thinking.  “Big Sis” she says, “If you are pregnant, you don’t have to decide what to do about that right away you know. You wouldn’t have to keep it just because you get somewhere to live, but if you are pregnant you will have a window of stability and probably some support and advice about that and the drinking …” she petered out, not getting much of anything from Big Sis.

Space Invaders ..

7 03 2010

The girls moved into the room that used to be Big Sis’s bedroom a week ago, as it had finally been redecorated …

The girls had a long lead up, before the move, with plenty of time to claim the space, playing, helping sort it out (but not helping to redecorate … LML really doesn’t need to see wall paper being striped or walls being painted!).

LML increasingly finds any change to be anxiety provoking, even if it is just a parent arriving from work, or walking a different way to nursery so the mostly functioning parents talked to her about the move a lot – “in a few weeks ..” , “when its been painted..” , “next week”, “in a few days” until eventually it was “tonight you will go to sleep in your new bedroom”.   She was so excited and ready to move by that point that she went right to her old room, collected her bedding and moved it in.  LML then went back into her old room, and was calling “Daddy! Daddy! Help me!”. When CD went to see what she needed she was trying to drag her mattress from the bed.  She was not happy until her daddy had helped her move her own bed and Lolly’s cot into the bedroom.

LML has taken every visitor to see her new room, and loves playing up there.  Fantastic.

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