Coco baa, baa

3 11 2011

Crap Dad and Lolly pass the time away singing nursery rhymes as they walk to nursery.

“What shall be sing next Lolly?” asks Crap Dad.

“Coco baa, baa” quickly responds


“Coco baa, baa.”

Crap Dad sings the words in his head but still can’t get it.

“Sorry, I don’t think I know that one. You sing it for me.”

“Coco baa, baa,

Coco baa, baa” Lolly sings repeatedly.

“Aaaah, London’s Burning!” exclaims Crap Dad .



9 10 2010

As Crap Dad returns Lolly to her pushchair LML spots two girls from her class laughing and giggling as they chase each other around the playground. LML sets off after them.

As the girls spin and twirl in pursuit of each other LML catches them up. Crap Dad isn’t clear if the girls see LML but he watches as his little girl, desperate to join, doesn’t have the language or social skills to engage her peers.

The girls peel of from their chasing each other to play on the hopscotch ladders marked nearby. LML watches them from a little distance away. As the girls run after their mothers LML approaches the hopscotch. “Wot me” she asks Crap Dad. She does a version of what she’d watched the girls doing.

“Great jumping LML, though I think we’ll need to work on the skipping a bit more” he comments.

They leave the school playground and head home, Crap Dad feeling a little heavy hearted about the challenges that face his little girl.


18 06 2010

LML’s communication development has speeded up again, having reached a plateau that lasted for months and months.  About 3 months ago she really started to link two words, and since then things have come on apace.  She has started to link her two word sentences together, making four word sentences, and is increasingly linking three words, which is all very enjoyable.

The most endearing aspect of this growth is seeing her think about what she wants to express.  Her eyes move up and to the left as she works it out, and just this week she has added “errrm” to the thought process.


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