Are they really sisters?

19 06 2010

Usually trips to the corner shop serve the purpose of giving the girls a break from one-an-other, but today the mostly functioning parents walked to the shop with the girls together, getting Lolly used to her new reins.

“They really look alike, are they really sisters?” says the local shop keeper.

GM and CD smile and nod “yes they are” they say in unison, unphased that the shopkeeper obviously knows of their daughters adopted status despite never having talked about it previously with him.

“I mean real sisters?” he says, unsure that we have understood him.

“Yes” says CD “they really are sisters.”

“They have the same mum?” the shopkeeper presses

“They have the same birth mum.” says CD.

“Yeh – you can see.  They really look alike.”

“Yes they do. Thanks.  Come along girls. Bye.”


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