Into Orbit

12 06 2009

The mostly functional parents spent yesterday evening dancing till their feet were numb. The last instalment of CD’s birthday gift had finally arrived. The gift, tickets to see the legendary duo Orbital, were provided by the mostly functional parents good friend Mr. B.

From the moment the lights dimmed and the band came on the mostly functional parents danced as if the last decade and a half hadn’t happened. It was wonderful as the Hartnoll bothers rummaged through their back catalogue, clearly having such a good time, and playing one thrilling track after another.

As duo approached the closing numbers there was nothing but a mass of dancing bodies – apart from the mostly functional parents that is – who had danced themselves almost to a stop. As Orbital finished their set with a brutal reworking of the Dr. Who theme GM realised that she had lost any sensation in her feet and that her knees were starting to hurt.

The mostly functional parents and Mr. B left the venue with smiles on their faces and their ears ringing. For a brief moment parental responsibilities lost in the euphoria


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