Finding the way

2 10 2012

… to rhythm.

Over the last 6 to 12 months LML has started to develop an appreciation of music. After much encouragement she has started to sing songs (as opposed to singing as stream of consciousness!). She has started to dance to pop music … well, if you can call what the chipmunks do pop or music.

The theme tune to chipwrecked comes on and she starts humming and twitching in time .. she notices GM is not dancing or sing along and gives her a nudge – “sing mummy ” she demands and continues her jiggle.


talk to me, baby ..

29 03 2010

“I’m going now Lolly, give me a kiss” says aunty 3.

“Whereyougoin” says the infant.  Aunty 3 and GM pass stunned looks and then laugh.  Aunty 3 tells the child it’s time for her to go home now, and leaves.

Later GM hears Lolly’s pipping voice “ca! ca! Rmm Rmm.” GM looks and there she is not only saying but signing car quite clearly, in response to a toy she has just seen.

“oh-oh” as something is dropped

“down there” pointing to the toast on the floor

“all gone” at the empty bowl, clearly signing

“Baby” she says and signs ; “Grrrr” as she signs ‘Tiger’; she crouches to jump (but doesn’t take off just yet!); “ello” as she takes the hand of a peer, and leads him to a ball pool; “ank oo” on getting what she wants.

The list goes on, new words, clear understanding, steps forward in every area – communication, physical, social, cognitive and emotional.

GM muses on the development of her youngest daughter with a sense of wonder.  It is thrilling!

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