Consultation Exercise

1 08 2009

LML was born three months prematurely and as a result of that (and some genetic factors) has experienced global developmental delay. The mostly functioning parents go to see the consultant paediatrician every six months or so, in order to monitor her development and progress.

Little Sis has also been diagnosed with global developmental delay and the mostly functioning parents attended the first joint appointment, for both girls.

“LML is doing really well” he confirms, after the first half hour of the consultation, “we still need to do some work around her speech and concentration, but she is progressing really well.”

The mostly functional parents use the opportunity to complain about the the lack of a speech therapist, after LML’s last one left for another job nearly five months ago and hasn’t yet been replaced.

The consultant acknowledges that there is a problem in this area and says he’ll see what he can do.

He then examines Little Sis, asking lots of questions about the mostly functional parents experience of her.

Having examined her and looked at her notes he says that he feels she is doing really well. That her ‘social skills’ are in place and that these are the foundations for development. He comments that it is too early to be sure and that things could go either way, but that if she continues to develop in the way she is she should continue a ‘normal’ pattern of development.

He finishes by saying that they are both doing really well and that he’ll arrange another appointment for 3 to 4 months time.

The room is in chaos when the mostly functional parents leave, each of them with a child under an arm. Are you sure you’ve got everything? asks the consultant. “Yeah, we think so” comes the reply.

As the mostly functional parents wheel their charges, in their pushchairs, along the path home LML asks for a drink.

CD opens the bag to find that it’s not in there. “Oh no. She left it in the garage in the consultants office.” he says.

“Its all right. I’m back there next week to get Little Sis’s eyes tested” states GM wearily.


Not another case of swine flu

23 07 2009

Little sis has had a temperature of over 38C over the past 36 hours. The problem parents aren’t feeling too good and LML is starting to hot up. With the BBC reporting that there have been over 100,000 new cases of swine flu over the past 7 days every cough, fever and sneeze has become a moment of anxiety.

Little Sis spent most of the day yesterday listlessly lolling in the mostly functional parents arms and today whingeing about how uncomfortable she’s feeling.

The thought of a houseful of swine flue victims really does fill the mostly functional parents with dread.

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