The Gallery

9 06 2009

Not long after GM and CD moved into their current house they began a gallery of their friends and family on a wall in their hallway. The gallery has grown and changed over the years and is often a talking point for visitors. Many people stop to admire some of the photos and work out the relationships.

When LML arrived it became a tool to place her within the family, ‘Look’ the mostly functional parents would say, ‘Who’s this?’ Or, ‘Here’s grandma and granddad’.

The wall has been bare for the past few weeks after redecorating the hall. Last night CD and GM worked their way through cleaning their frames and replacing and refreshing some of the photos. There is quite a lot and it took a few hours to complete, so it was midnight before they had finished.

“Shall we put them up now?” enquired CD

“It’s a bit late” replied GM “the neighbours won’t be too happy with us banging nails in at this time of the day. We’ll have to put them up tomorrow, but if we do it when LML is up she’ll want to ‘help’. Maybe we should put them up tomorrow evening after LML has gone to bed.”

The next morning it’s CD’s turn for lie in. He stumbles downstairs at about 7.30 and wanders into the kitchen where GM is washing up some dishes. “The tea is a bit stewed, so you’d better make a fresh pot” states GM after saying ‘good morning’.

As CD goes through the routine, still half asleep, GM says, “I’ve decided that I can’t wait … I just have to put the pictures up this morning.”


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