building for the future

21 05 2009

LML didn’t know what to make of the big box waiting in the hall. She slapped it and bashed it. She drummed it and thrummed it. But it didn’t reveal it’s contents. Over the past couple of days it’s presence has seemed to grow bigger than it’s size. Then today, after GM had returned from the Chelsea Flower Show, all was revealed.

GM and CD peeled back the tape and moved the pieces upstairs to LML’s room. It didn’t take her long to work out what is was. “Baby” she said, “Baby”. She was soon putting ‘cheeky monkey’ into the base of the cot.

“Baby” she said pointing at her favourite soft toy laying there.

“Little Sis’s cot” say GM and CD almost in unison.


Nesting #2

18 05 2009

As the door closes big sis let’s out a ‘whoop’ and cheers.

The golf clubs that have been taking room up under her bed, collecting dust for the past five years, have just been picked up by a ‘freecycler’ – that’s another of the big items to go.

The clear out is off to a good start, there’s just the big cupboard in LML’s bedroom to sort out, the big TV to get rid off, the broken printer, the bags of clothes, the carpet, the stuff behind the settee, the bike in need of repair  …

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