Family Lexicon

9 11 2010

“Lolly! ‘nap! ‘nap!” says LML “‘nap ‘nap mummy”

GM looks round and sees that LML has found CD’c foot long wooden crocodile.

She brandishes it at her sister and mum ‘nap ‘napping.

“What is it?” asks GM

“Cockabite” comes the answer.

GM smilingly agrees that it is indeed a “crocodile”, whilst knowing that this creature will soon be known by another, quite charming name.



30 06 2010

“Mummy.  Mummy.”calls LML from the dining room.  “MUMMY” she shouts.

GM goes to see what she wants, before she wakes CD.

“Mummy,” starts LML seriously, she points to her apple “apcle” she says and signs, “drink, milk” she states, pointing and looking at GM.  “Lolly wake, mummy wake, daddy shhhh” she continues.  LML looks at her bowl of cereal, “puff puffs mummy” she expalins and tucks in.

GM returns to the kitchen glowing with pride.  LML not only wants to describe her environment and experience, she has also said ‘apple’ for the first time ever, rather than her usual ‘act’.

wonderful words

9 03 2010

“Where monkey?” says LML, swiveling around.  She immediately spots the beloved toy “my monkey!” she exclaims with delight, giving it a big hug and smiling happily at her mummy.

GM is equally delighted, at hearing LML express her thoughts so clearly.

This next stage of LML’s language and communication development has been a long time coming, and the mostly functioning parents are very excited to hear more and more two word sentenced being discovered, with the occasional three word sentence creeping in.

She is increasingly coming out with longer sentences, which seem to be a random collection of syllables and words.  The mostly functioning parents have yet to establish the full meaning of these rambles!

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