Sometimes it’s the small things …

19 03 2010

GM had managed to secure some ‘mummy time’, and since September has been attending a sewing class once a week.  GM has loved going to her classes – it ticks so many boxes

  • ‘mummy time’ Check
  • sewing (an activity she has always engaged with on some level) Check
  • meeting new adults Check
  • having a space for creativity Check
  • being useful (making a skirt that actually fits the very slim LML for example) Check
  • learning to make better use her new(ish) and first sewing machine Check
  • gaining confidence Check
  • getting out of the house without children Check

Money is tight, and the college that runs the classes can not afford subsidise them any more.  Next weeks class will be the last one.

GM is devastated and sheds a few tears on the way home from her evening class, feeling felled and a little bit ridiculous that it is this that reduces her to tears.


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