Super star

20 02 2014

LML asks for a packet of crisps and objects when she is told “no”.  The previous day LML was in hospital having 3 baby teeth and 2 grown up teeth extracted. All the work that needed doing was carried out under a general anaesthetic. 

The wait to go down to surgery was over 3 hours and LML only started to wobble with the restrictions of being on a hospital ward for the last 10 minutes. Once in surgery GM’s confidence in her daughter was proven as LML sailed through having the surgical cannula fitted. (GM did cry when the anaesthetic took effect and her beautiful lively girl became unconscious!)

When the anxious mostly functional parents were called into recovery LML was not yet conscious. Gm gently stroked her daughters hand and told her they were with her … To the utter surprise of the staff, LML immediately sat up, saw CD and shouted out his name with joy! She soon settled back down, but was as she always is on waking .. cheerful, chatty and lovely. None of the dire warnings of fighting, crying and general grumpiness were displayed. LML was a star.

Back on the ward to recover she continued to be chirpy and cooperated with everything that needed to be done. She had her drink, ate her jelly and wotsits (together!), stayed on her bed, had a little sleep and was great when woken from that to go home.

CD and GM could not be more proud of their superstar girl.

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