28 08 2015

A niece of GM is having a naming ceremony on Saturday for her baby daughter and the mostly functional family have been invited to the late afternoon party. GM received this message when she was a work, 24 hours before the party.

“Hi GM. How are you? I’ve been meaning to speak to you about tomorrow and Little Miss, it’s been playing on my mind for a few days that it’ll be too much for her. There’s going to be loads of kids and people she doesn’t know and I’m concerned about how she may react. I know that when she’s stressed she lashes out and may become violent towards the other children and I really don’t want that for her, the other kids or you. What are your thoughts on this? Xx”

GM struggles to get beyond the intense feelings of rejection, hurt and quiet despair to formulate actual thoughts.



2 responses

28 08 2015

Ouch. So what did you do?

28 08 2015

This was my reply Isobel:

Hi, that must have been a difficult message to write. I’m sorry that it’s been playing on your mind and I can understand why you might be worried and of course we wouldn’t want Little Miss to spoil baby and your special day. If you don’t feel that you can or want to cope with the intensity that Little Miss brings with her please say so clearly.

We’ve been planning to arrive at yours at the same time as Aunty J, so that there will be three of us to take turns at managing Little Miss. We have already talked about leaving as soon as she shows the signs of having had enough.

I hope I’m not coming across too brusque. I’m feeling really sad for my girl and pretty heartbroken as it feels that there is so little for her and I’m trying very hard not to come across as stroppy, hurt or aggressive. I’m sure that you understand that my response is as hard to put together as your message.

Love GM.

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