Small things

28 02 2015

GM is watching Lolly at gymnastics, chatting with another mum. She has already explained that Lolly has trouble processing multiple instructions and retaining routines. The conversation moves on and the other mum asks one of the killer questions …

“How many parties does she have this weekend? We only have one this weekend but last weekend she had three!” Another mum joins in and the conversation soon moves on.

This gives GM time to scape her bruised and battered heart off the floor and put her sadness back in its box. Lolly has been invited to one party in this school year. LML has not been invited to any. For over two years.




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28 02 2015

That is heartbreaking. Did you tell the parent who asked the party question?

28 02 2015

I didn’t Isobel. There was such an assumption that we exist in ‘that’ world that I just didn’t go there. I’ll talk about her developmental delay and processing issues because it is so obvious, but the relative strangers that are the gym mums don’t know she is adopted or anything else about her.

4 03 2015
Travels With My Son

They’re not thinking at all and it’s rubbish. This sort of thing makes me cross as well as upset, for us and our children.

4 03 2015
Travels With My Son

I am glad to see you again here though.

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