Life in a box – Day 2

9 06 2010

Scene one

“My home?” says LML as they walk through the site. “My home?”

“That’s not our caravan, baby. Our caravan is over there”

“My home?”

“Not that one either.”

“My home?”

“We are near, but that’s still not our ‘van”

“My home! My blanket!” cries LML as they turn a corner and she sees the caravan loom into view.

Scene two

Lolly launches herself though two soft play rollers, which look like a giant mangle, she lands head first and looks to GM shrieking with delight. She does this over and over again and each time her face beams.

Scene three

The tide is coming in. LML stands on the edge of sea delighted as the waves splash around her wellies. She picks up some seaweed and throws it into the encroaching waves, her laughter mingles with the gently breaking waves. GM and CD look at each other and exchange a look of parental pride and joy.

Scene four

CD is at the bar getting snacks for the girls. GM is ‘containing’ them at a table and takes the great escapist LML onto her lap. LML begins to shriek and shout as loudly as she can.

“LML” says GM, to gain her attention, “look” she says and signs, moving LML’s focus from family to family that surround them “do you hear any other child making this noise?”

LML looks around, and then back at GM. She shakes her head and giggles.



One response

12 06 2010

Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time.

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