Too Darn Hot

1 07 2009

It’s the end of a long, long day. The mostly functional parents knew there would be days like these, but neither of them had been prepared for it to be so soon.

The morning had gone well, but in half-an-hour all started to go awry when they tried to put LML and Little Sis down for a morning nap. The previous day they had successfully managed to do this but today didn’t go so well. GM decided, Little Sis having been asleep for about, that it was time to put a clearly flagging LML to bed. Moments after she returned downstairs she heard babbling between the girls, and then the patter of LML coming down the stairs. In an attempt to ensure that LML got some sleep GM put her down in the mostly functional parents bed, where she rapidly fell into a deep sleep. Little Sis, who was now wide awake, refused to go back to sleep despite only having a maximum 30 minutes sleep and was now protesting about being confined to her cot, so having gone upstairs with one child GM came down with another.

Little Sis had an appointment in the afternoon to have special shoes fitted because she has poor muscle tone and weak ankles, so the mostly functional parents had to wake up LML and venture out in the midday sun. It was hot!

The heat got to the little ones and they were soon displaying signs of distress. Standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus home LML started to throw herself about, unwilling to wait 10 minutes in the shade of the bus shelter. She was soon throwing herself on the floor, banging her head against the shelter and hitting out at the either of the mostly functional parents who tried to restrain her.

When the family arrived back at the house things didn’t get much better. For the next four hours the mostly functional parents were like ninja body guards for Little Sis as they fended off a variety of objects aimed at her, blocking the random slaps, pokes and hair pulling whenever LML was in striking distance. GM and CD tried every strategy they could think of, time in, time out, removal from the scene, separating the two children in different rooms, putting one of LML’s favourite DVD’s on, repeatedly telling LML that her actions were making them sad, shouting, talking and stamping their feet in frustration, but non if it had any impact. LML, clearly had had enough of Little Sis, not enough sleep and too much heat.

A cool bath and a restoration of LML’s normal routine seemed to ease things. However, no sooner had LML been put to bed than she was back downstairs full of beans. CD, who had prepared dinner and gone to seek solace in cutting the grass in the back garden was distressed to see LML exiting the dining room doors into the garden at 8.30, a full hour after her normal bedtime. She was followed shortly afterwards by GM, who wasn’t at all amused to be chasing her around the garden at the end of a long day.

CD finished pottering around in the garden at 9.30, when he returned to the house he found GM on the computer looking at photo’s. “I think we deserve a drink, shall I go and get some chilled white wine from the shop?” he enquires. “Oh yes” is the relieved reply.



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